To Haifa

Transportation is available by train, shared taxi or private taxi.

 Information on train schedules: Israel Railways Company Train rate is 41.5 NIS or 74.5 (one-way roundtrip respectively).

To arrive at Carmel center hotels you should get off at Hof HaCarmel station and then take a taxi.

To the Bay Claub hotel and Colony Hotel, get off at Haifa HaShmona Stationand then take a taxi.

 Shared Taxis (SHERUT Taxi, in Hebrew) to Haifa leave when the vehicle is full. It drops off at the main hotels (119 NIS) or in two central stations (77 NIS) from which you will need to take another taxi to your hotels.

Information on train schedules: Israel Railways Company  

For busses information from any spot in Israel to Haifa: Egged buses information center

Transportation to the Conference Venue

ERIDOB bus will pick up members from Carmel Center Hotels (near Dan Panorama Hotel). More information will be provided before the conference.

In addition public transportation in Haifa is quite convenient. All the following bus lines arrive at the Technion:

Bus # 31 from near Carmel Center Hotels (ask at the reception where the closest bus stop is)

Bus # 19 from near The Bay Club Hotel (allow 30 min)

Bus # 17 from near the colony hotel (allow 45 min)