Symposium 2

Symposium on Current issues in biological education research

Dear Colleagues

You may be aware that there is a symposium on “Current issues in biological education research” on the Thursday at 14.00 at the ERIDOB conference in Haifa. Leading researchers in the field have submitted short papers on the subject uploaded at: “Symposium 2” for background reading prior to the symposium.

We have listed the following main themes for discussion emerging from these papers:

A.      What defines the scope of our research?

There are many topics which are important in biology teaching but not necessarily part of our research. Where do we draw the line, for instance in studying health education or nature of science?

Should all our research be linked to the learning of biological concepts or biological reasoning?

B.       What is our focus?

Should our research be based on and contributing to questions from the practice of biology teaching? Should we focus on the ‘how questions’ or should we pay more attention to research on normative questions about what we should teach and why we should teach this?

Should we align our research with the big biology themes and if yes which are they? Or should we align our research along themes that are successfully studied in science education research?

C.       What are our methods?

Are we a social science with social science methods? Or is our research transdisciplinary and if so, what consequences does this have for our methods? What training do our researchers need?

D.      How can we become more influential and effective?

How can our research contribute more to science education research  and the learning sciences? Should we be physically restructuring  ERIDOB? (e.g. changing its name;  more strongly promoting  proceedings and papers).To what extent should our biology education

research align with political agendas and normative influences? How can we share knowledge about vacancies for biology education researchers and opportunities/threats to relevant jobs and projects?

Please look at these and let us know if you’d like us to add other

themes or modify/delete the listed ones.

With many thanks and best wishes

Dirk Jan Boerwinkel and Marcus Grace (Symposium co-ordinators)<;<

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